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Pest Control Rishton


If you are looking to solve your rat or mouse problem and need a pest controller in Rishton then HOLGATES is the company to call. We have been serving the area for decades and can come out to your home or usinass to eradicate rats, mice, fleas, ants, bed bugs and other nasties!


All operators are trained to deal with any pest and can usually come out at short notice. Vans are sign written with discretion and health and safety is always at the forefront of our working practises for pest control in Accrington.



Our pest control services cover rodents which is a large part of our overall service

and includes rats, mice, voles, moles and squirrels!


We use the latest methods in rat catching and will always put the customers safety first.

Only specalist baits are used that are recommended by the governing pest control bodies

and in some cases we can help remove your rodent issus in a humane manner!


All types of insects can be treated and by far the biggest pests we find in the insect world are

ants and fleas. We also receive calls for the control of cockroach, flies, wasps and bees!

pest control rishton

What Our Customers Have to Say!


"Came to sort out a rat problem at my home. Other pest control companies could not solve the issue so HOLGATES where my last hope and i have to say they did a fantastic job! They said the issue should be sorted after 3 visits and they where spot on. A year later and i have still not seen a rat which is a massive relief"

Marcus Trandell


"I could hear noises in my wall cavity and attic. After calling this company they spent about an hour investigating the issue and discovered some rat activity and also droppings. They proceeded to put down a special powder to track the rats movements. They said that this powder lights up under ultraviolet light and helps to locate the rodents. They also laid traps and after 2 visits the problem was solved and i have not heard or seen a rat since!"

Jane Yoshnell


"I was looking for a rat catcher and found these guys online. To my surprise they came out within hours. The pest control guy looked in the garage and 30 mins later he came out with 2 massive dead rats. He said he found them sleeping in a old suitcase i had in there so he exterminated them while they where asleep. Thank goodness he was the one to find them because i feel sick just thinking about it. I thought we only had small rats or maybe even a mouse problem but this company really helped me out here."

Nelly Orwell


"I had an issue with what i thought where wasps. On closer inspection by the pest controller this company sent they turned out to be a type of bee. The operator told us he was one of the few pest control technicians in the country who was trained to and insured to remove these types of bees. The great thing is that he relocated them in a humane manner as he is a bee keeper too."

Michelle Dawson


"I had ants in my garden and when they started to enter my house i decided to call out a professional. HOLGATES where amazing from start to finish. They explanied everything clearly and solved the problem in double quick time!"

Peter Tilling