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Wasp control

It’s a real problem!

Wasp Pest Control becomes more of an issue during the springtime and as the months get warmer wasps can become more dangerous and create more issues for homeowners. As spring begins wasps start to emerge from their winter hibernation.

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Bee control

Spring Changes

As the months get warmer you might start to see an increase in the number of bees in your area. Over this time bees begin to emerge from hibernation from the winter and start their seasonal habits in the warmer months.

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Insect control

Christmas Tree Pests

The festive season can be an exciting time of year for many, however it can also be a very stressful one with lots of presents to buy and preparations to complete for the big day.

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Preparation For Pest Control

Prepare for our visit!

A pest control visit can often be frightening, especially if you’re unsure what exactly the pest problem is. However, here at Holgate Pest Control Services, we pride ourselves on making sure that you feel comfortable and safe before and after our visit. With quality customer service and great aftercare advice.

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Bird Control

Be Informed

Bird control can be a frequent and problematic issue, with even the smallest of birds causing a variety of problems. Whether you are a shop owner who is sick of having to deal with pigeon droppings on your shop front, a farmer whose crops are eaten by crows, or a homeowner with a birds nest built in a gutter, the late-summer months often seem to exasperate the issues at hand.

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Pest Control

The Effects Of Pests

Whilst many think the effects of pests are limited to the nuisance caused through trying to get rid of them, there are in fact several damaging effects of infestations.

Infestations can come from a number of insects, rodents or even birds, but the damaging effects are all the same and can not only be an inconvenience for you to deal with, but also potentially life threatening

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Prepare Your Business For Returning

Be Prepared

With businesses preparing to reopen as England comes out of lockdown, we have produced some helpful information to help determine if your business is pest-free, compliant, and ready to help serve the public under the new government guidelines.

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Rodent Control

Get The Right Information 

As the year progresses and the weather begins to get colder, you may notice an increase in presence of rats and mice, whether this is in or around your home or business. Whether it’s a domestic or commercial setting, this can be a big worry and is unsightly at the very least.

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Pest Control

Top 5 Tips For Spring

Many of us are looking forward to spring, with the return of warmer weather and blossoming flowers it brings. Although this time of year is great, it also marks a seasonal shift for many pests who have been lying dormant all winter and are now hungry and looking for a place to make a home, where they can mate until the autumn.

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