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Pest Control Company

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Pest Control Services Accrington

Is your home or business in need of professional pest control services? Problems with rats, mice or insects like ant's and wasps! Have you tried DIY Pest Control products!


At HOLGATES Pest Control we are trained to take on all types of pests and infestations. If you have a vermin or insect issue that needs eradicating then our Pest Control Services in Accrington is the company for you!


You may have Pest problems like Mice, Rat and other rodent issues but we also have Pest Control Solutions for insects like carpet moths, beetles, flies, wasps, ants, slugs, silverfish, woodworm, fleas, cockroaches and bedbugs!


Bird Control is another Pest Control Service we offer! Our Pest Controllers can provide a bird spikes and netting service to help with your Seagull or Pigeon problem. If you shop or bussines needs bird proofing give us a call!


We are the Leading Pest Control Company in Accrington so why not call 01254 236619


Trusted Pest Control Company


Holgates Pest Control serve thousands of customers accross Lancashire including many commercial customers like factories, retail parks, ofices, take away's, public houses, construction companies, schools & goverment buildings, cuntry estates and farm buildings.


We are trained to the highest standards and are fully certified pest controllers. All staff will arrive at your property dressed smartly and will treat you politely with a welcoming smile!


We aim to provide pest control services in Accrington, Rishton, Oswaltwistle and Great Harwood at an affordable price while stiil taking great care in the service we love to offer!



* Rat, Mouse and Rodent Certified Exterminators


* RSPH Certifed & Fully Qualified Operators


* Fully Trained in Mole & Farmlife Pest Control


* Certified in Fly, Flea Cockroach & Insect Control


* Trained for Access & Safe Working Practices

Pest Control Accrington

 Common Misconceptions!


Pest control experts only spray chemicals! ..... In reality pest control is a pretty complicated affair. Operators will use many various methods to solve your rat, mouse or insect problem.


Pests only live in a unhygienic property! ..... Not true but it helps to keep your home and especially your yard or garden free from clutter. Many rats will also travel from a unhygienic property located on the same street as you.


Rats & Mice are dirty! .... You may be surprised that they are in fact very clean in most cases and keep there bed area and toilet area seperate. Rats can carry some very nasty diseases though but that is usually more about the environment they are living.


Mice will go outside after poisoning! .... They normally go back to their nest after taking rodenticides. The bait they take will make them thirsty but they usually get water from food anyway so it's a myth that they will go out looking for water.


DIY pest control will work! ..... In our experince it does not work or if it does, only for a short time. Rodents especially will become immune to DIY products.

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