A pest control visit can often be frightening, especially if you’re unsure what exactly the pest problem is. However, here at Holgate Pest Control Services, we pride ourselves on making sure that you feel comfortable and safe before and after our visit. With quality customer service and great aftercare advice.

Pests are not only a nuisance but can also cause health issues, by consuming our food and contaminating the indoor environment. Many different pests have the ability to transfer diseases causing pathogens and possibly cause food poisoning. Cockroaches are known for being able to trigger asthma attacks, as when we inhale air it can be contaminated with exoskeletons and feces.

So before we visit there are some things that you can do to help us out! These include:

  1. Make sure your home is clean and tidy, helping for the pest to be drawn to the methods that we choose to use.
  2. Keep your work surfaces clear from foods, dishes, and any small appliances, if you do have food out cover this and store it.
  3. If you have a small child in the house – cover or put away any of their toys, crib mattresses. If you think anything has been infected then you can have a dry cleaning company help with removing any contamination.
  4. Mop and scrub the kitchen and any other surfaces with antibacterial spray.
  5. Always vacuum the carpets, however, if you have seen any cockroach eggs before your pest control visit remember to just vacuum them up and dispose of them correctly. If this is the case inform your pest control professional when they visit.
  6. Make sure there is not any rubbish left inside the house, dispose of it correctly before the pest control visit. This is extremely important if you have any food wastage around.
  7. Help your pest control professional out and keep any movable appliances such as your fridge or oven (if possible) away from the wall. Make sure to clean around and beneath the gap and wall. Make sure there are not any items lying on top of these appliances. Only carry out this if you’re able to – do not put yourself at risk.
  8. Give your pest control professional easy access to your house especially areas that could be infected with pests.
  9. Any excess paper or other rubbish left in your home needs to be discarded properly and effectively. These areas are prime spots for cockroaches to hide in. This will also help your pest control professional to get to the root of the problem quickly and easily.
  10. Remember to seal any leaks in the water supply of your home, as this is also where pests will hide.

Always follow the advice given to you by your pest control professional this will help to eliminate the problem from returning. By making sure you carry out the right preparation it will help the pest control professional.

If you are having a bed bug pest control problem remember to remove all beddings from the mattress and box spring in all bedrooms. Wash all bed linens on the hottest temperature possible on your washing machine, and remove all personal items. Local dry cleaning companies also offer a similar service to help assist with the removal of bed bugs from your

Holgate Pest Control Services is able to offer great aftercare advice for your problems!

Always get in touch if you are experiencing any pest control issues. Never carry any pest extrication yourself as this can cause more problems.

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